Shineyuu mold  was founded by Tiger Wang in 2004.
We are a professional manufacturer of Rapid tooling, Rapid Prototyping and Rapid injection molding for auto parts,
electric parts, consumer parts, high quality and transparent parts etc.
The advantage of our molds that are: Fast, High Quality and Cost Effective.


  • Rapid Tooling
    We specialize in the production of high quality, low cost rapid prototypes and rapid molds With a range of technologies at our disposal,
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  • Plastic Molding
    Shineyuu molding process starts from when the pellet enters into Shineyuu facility to when it leaves Shineyuu as a molded product,
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  • CNC Machining
    CNC machining is suitable for plastic and metal parts and can be used to make from one single prototype to up to 500 parts.
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  • Finishing Services
    In Shineyuu we have a professional team, can color matching , anodising, screen printing, electroplating,
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  • Pressure Die Casting
    Shineyuu also serve die casting parts, general we use ADC12, A380, AZ91D as part material, speciaty metals are available upon request.
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  • Mold Design
    With years of Rapid Tooling making, our professional engineers are read to help you solve any engineering issues.
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